5 Eco-Friendly Activities For Kids This Summer

The heat is here and the kids are getting out of school soon. With all the new free-time on their hands, we thought we’d put together a list of eco-friendly ways to have some fun!

1) Make Crafts Out of Junk Mail

Take those colourful coupons & catalogues and create something awesome. All you need is junk mail, glue, markers, and a big imagination!

plastic-bottle-bird-feeder-collage2) Create a Bird Feeder

Introduce the kids to some light woodworking or use other materials like a recycled pop bottle.

3) Head to the Farmer’s Market

Grab some fresh lunch and give the kids a couple dollars to spend. See what interesting foods they come back with.

4) Go For a Bike Ride

Instead of driving to the store, use the bikes instead. It’ll help the kids burn off some energy and it’s better for the environment.

Megan's Canstruct Creation5) Build Something Out of Recycled Products

Use Canstruct to connect your old cans and build something amazing. It’s guaranteed to get the kids off the couch and the creative wheels turning!

Pick up a Canstruct Kit here.