Find us at Peterborough Pulse on July 16th

Building in the Heart of Downtown

Our team of builders will be making something amazing out of empty cans at Peterborough Pulse.

What is Peterborough Pulse?

Pulse is a vibrant, playful, and active car-free corridor through the heart of Peterborough. For one summer morning, George Street is filled with families pushing strollers, cyclists and roller-skaters, Karate and fencing demonstrations, art and music, and more.

CmwgtbwWEAAcFFn We’re super excited to join the other awesome companies and vendors at Pulse and have a great day in downtown Peterborough.

5 Eco-Friendly Activities For Kids This Summer

The heat is here and the kids are getting out of school soon. With all the new free-time on their hands, we thought we’d put together a list of eco-friendly ways to have some fun!

1) Make Crafts Out of Junk Mail

Take those colourful coupons & catalogues and create something awesome. All you need is junk mail, glue, markers, and a big imagination!

plastic-bottle-bird-feeder-collage2) Create a Bird Feeder

Introduce the kids to some light woodworking or use other materials like a recycled pop bottle.

3) Head to the Farmer’s Market

Grab some fresh lunch and give the kids a couple dollars to spend. See what interesting foods they come back with.

4) Go For a Bike Ride

Instead of driving to the store, use the bikes instead. It’ll help the kids burn off some energy and it’s better for the environment.

Megan's Canstruct Creation5) Build Something Out of Recycled Products

Use Canstruct to connect your old cans and build something amazing. It’s guaranteed to get the kids off the couch and the creative wheels turning!

Pick up a Canstruct Kit here.

Join Us At Canstruct’s Official Launch Party

We have some exciting events planned for the summer. We can’t wait to connect with you!

Join us for our official launch during the Canada Day celebrations at Del Crary Park in Peterborough, Ontario. We’ll be putting on a live Canstruct building demonstration. It’s going to be a blast, and we hope to see you there!

canstruct canada day-01

30% Off All Pickup Orders

Thank You For Connecting!

We are now offering 30% OFF ALL PICKUP ORDERS through our website.

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Enter the coupon code PTBOPICKUP during checkout.

Picking up your Canstruct Kit is easy. Just print your receipt that’s emailed to you immediately after purchasing, and head to Queensway Plastics, 624 Neal Drive, Peterborough, ON!!

6 Amazing Things Made Out of Empty Cans

Why build things out of empty cans?

Because it’s eco-friendly, educational, artistic, and super fun with a group of friends. Check out these 6 masterpieces that were built entirely out of empty cans to get your creative juices flowing!

Not a bad looking car...

Not a bad looking muscle car.

Someone likes to drink a lot of pop….

Is anyone hungry?

Is anyone hungry?

A not so rubber ducky.

A not so rubber ducky.

Oh Canada!

Oh Canada!

Our very own Canstruct Elephant

Our very own Canstruct Elephant




We Were Featured On The News

“It’s Like Lego On Steroids”

Local news channel CHEX TV caught sight of Canstruct and immediately approached us for a news feature.

During the segment, the owner of Canstruct describes how he came up with the idea at a music festival:

“A fellow walked by and he was drinking a beer and he had duct taped four cans in a row that were obviously empty and he was drinking out of the can and as it came up it was about three feet long and I got thinking about beverage cans and how underutilized they are and came up with this idea of making construction out of them.”

New Bridge Being Built Out of Cans


We’re excited to announce that our proposed budget for a cycling bridge has been approved by City Council. This new, innovative bridge will connect the Rotary Greenway Trail and cross the Otonabee River in Peterborough’s North End.

The bridge was praised by council and environmentalists as it will be made using nothing but recycled beverage cans and Canstruct, a locally manufactured product.

While structural engineers were unsure whether a bridge made of empty cans and plastic connectors would be able to hold pedestrians and cyclists, city council agreed that their opinion “barely even matters”.

“This will bring media attention and attract tourists to Peterborough and that’s the bottom line”, said a spokesperson from the Budget Committee.

Canstruct is very excited to be a part of such an innovative endeavour in Peterborough, and would like to wish you a Happy April Fool’s Day!

How To Use Canstruct

Canstruct can be used in a variety of different ways. All of which end with an incredibly awesome can creation that you didn’t have prior to using Canstruct.

Step 1: Have a Party

This is easily the hardest step.

Step 2: Keep All The Empties

No Jimmy. You may not bring home that 6 pack of empty cans.

Step 3: Grab a Canstruct Kit

Call that guy, you know, with the beard. He has one. If he doesn’t answer, buy one for yourself here.

Step 4: Connect With Your Friends While Connecting Cans

Let the bonding of life-long friendships ensue.

Step 5: Build Something Absolutely Amazing

It’s surprisingly easy to build really cool things out of cans.

Step 6: Take a Picture & Share It

Preferably with us, but you can show it to your mom, too. Use #Canstruct and be proud of your creation. Chances are it’s the best thing you’ve ever made out of cans.


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Canstruct is Now Shipping

The blue prints are complete and the plastic’s been moulded perfectly to help you create amazing things. Canstruct is now for sale!

How did we get here?

It all started with an idea and a desire to connect people (and cans). Canstruct’s mission is to help people connect and use their imagination. Whether it’s a family with young kids, college students with an abundance of empty beer cans, or a guys weekend at the cottage, building things with Canstruct is the perfect way to get together and have some fun.

We kept it local.

CANSTRUCT PTBO-01We’re proud of our roots here in Peterborough, Ontario. Keeping the production of Canstruct local is super important to us. Canstruct is 100% Canadian made, and is manufactured in Peterborough at Queensway Plastics!

Let’s Start Connecting.

We want to hear about your crazy ideas for Canstruct! Follow us on social media for updates on events we’ll be at, and more importantly, get inspired by the wacky creations we come up with.

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