Canstruct is Now Shipping

The blue prints are complete and the plastic’s been moulded perfectly to help you create amazing things. Canstruct is now for sale!

How did we get here?

It all started with an idea and a desire to connect people (and cans). Canstruct’s mission is to help people connect and use their imagination. Whether it’s a family with young kids, college students with an abundance of empty beer cans, or a guys weekend at the cottage, building things with Canstruct is the perfect way to get together and have some fun.

We kept it local.

CANSTRUCT PTBO-01We’re proud of our roots here in Peterborough, Ontario. Keeping the production of Canstruct local is super important to us. Canstruct is 100% Canadian made, and is manufactured in Peterborough at Queensway Plastics!

Let’s Start Connecting.

We want to hear about your crazy ideas for Canstruct! Follow us on social media for updates on events we’ll be at, and more importantly, get inspired by the wacky creations we come up with.

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