How To Use Canstruct

Canstruct can be used in a variety of different ways. All of which end with an incredibly awesome can creation that you didn’t have prior to using Canstruct.

Step 1: Have a Party

This is easily the hardest step.

Step 2: Keep All The Empties

No Jimmy. You may not bring home that 6 pack of empty cans.

Step 3: Grab a Canstruct Kit

Call that guy, you know, with the beard. He has one. If he doesn’t answer, buy one for yourself here.

Step 4: Connect With Your Friends While Connecting Cans

Let the bonding of life-long friendships ensue.

Step 5: Build Something Absolutely Amazing

It’s surprisingly easy to build really cool things out of cans.

Step 6: Take a Picture & Share It

Preferably with us, but you can show it to your mom, too. Use #Canstruct and be proud of your creation. Chances are it’s the best thing you’ve ever made out of cans.


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